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Riverbank Skeletons is a studio band from the banks of the Mississippi. Led by lyricist, Joe Collins and joined by seasoned musicians Bob Becwar, Todd Blackbourn and Jason McCullick, this group writes and records demos in genres ranging from country to rock to hard rock. Shop here for a song to record and/or perform. Or if you've written a song, we'll record it for you. We're also in the market for a singer and bass player to record tracks. We expect to have music available for purchase soon. Enjoy.

About Us


We write in multiple genres because we believe inspiration for a song doesn't come in a box. Below are the genres for the songs we've composed, along with our most recent tune.

newest song

Check out our most recent tune, a rock title, A Smile Tonight.


Soft rock songs with a classic country influence.

Rock crossover

Rock songs with blues influence or country/rock crossover.

Hard Rock

Lyrical songs with a harder edge.

heavy metal

Classic metal influence, some antidisestablishmentarianism themes, great guitar riffs.



Scroll through the current posted tunes below using the bar on the bottom right of the plug in. (Genres are indicated in parenthesis.)


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